Suitable for ages 9-12 years
Maximum of 8 children

Creative Mode   (Takes approximately 1 hour)
•Construct a Minecraft World as a micro-scale LEGO® model for a realistic block design.
•Create and customise your own biomes and add your own creations like farms and houses.
•Build the Village, venture through the Forest, explore the Nether and travel through a Portal to reach The End, where you      will find the Ender Dragon.
•Make buildable Mobs including Steve, Creeper, Villager, Zombie, Ghasts and Endermen.  
•Combine your models to complete your World.

Survival Mode  (Takes approximately 1 hour)
•Construct your own Minecraft World in Creative Mode.
•Reconfigure the model section for a brand new play experience with the Bricks2Learn board game.
•A Bricks2Learn Game Master will guide your party through a unique experience which leads you through Creative Mode into Survival Mode.
•Pit your wits against your friends and battle against each other in an attempt to kill the Ender Dragon and win the game.

Bricks2Learn LEGO® Minecraft Party: £185 
Package Includes:
2 hours of LEGO entertainment at your chosen venue
1 qualified staff member and 1 assistant (CRB/DBS checked and fully insured)
All necessary kit to build and play
Themed invitations
A LEGO gift for the Birthday Child
Spaces for 8 children

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