Play is essential for the healthy development and well-being of all our children. Studies show that companies are finding that “play” helps their employees be more creative and productive in the workplace too!  

Why not consider a 
 LEGO® Team-Building session for your workplace?

  1. Choose your preferred session duration (from 1 hour to a full day)
  2. Let us know how many people will be involved (from 8-100)
  3. Select the focus (social/playful, teamwork/problem-solving, innovation/creativity, challenge/competition)
  4.  Contact Aly for a quote (prices from £200)

“Bricks 2 Learn made for a fantastic team bonding event at our annual Oxford University Innovation Summer Party. Aly was a great host, and her buckets of Lego were the perfect catalyst to get the OUI team of 100 staff running around frantically attempting to build a Lego-based city of the future. A highly entertaining morning for all involved!” Matt Perkins - Chief Executive Officer Oxford University Innovation Ltd. 

We use LEGO® elements, and a whole host of different exercises, games and challenges, 
to allow both adults and children to explore and reflect, in an interactive, playful environment.

Sessions are high energy and structured around your group needs, with a playful competitive edge!

We delight in observing anxiety and unease give way to conversation and laughter, as groups become more relaxed and animated, problem-solving collaboratively towards a common goal.  

Our “Team-Building” sessions are designed to make individuals feel safe, to relax, enjoy and trust the process,
and for teams to develop a helpful and positive connection with each other.  

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