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"Worry" Monster Poem

These little furry creatures can be really useful for children who are having difficulty falling to sleep at night. Often it is when a child is settling down into bed that they begin to ruminate, and their levels of anxiety may increase.

"Worry" Monsters are plush, gorgeously soft to snuggle up with and hand washable. They also contain a useful compartment in the monster's mouth, where a child can write or draw their worry, fear or concern, post it inside and zip it up. A little notepad beside the bed may be helpful.

The idea is that the monster will gobble up the anxiety, leaving the child free to sleep. Parents/Carers may then remove the paper whilst the child is sleeping, so that they are aware of their child's worries.

It is possible to build a monster, safe or chest out of LEGO bricks, with a compartment or slot for placing worries inside. They are just not as cuddly!

You can buy a Worry Monster here.

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Download Figure outline

Downloadable Figure Outline

These have all sorts of uses. They may be coloured in, written upon, shrunk down or blown up in size.

Downloadable Emojis

Download these cards and laminate them for a simple check-in activity. Enlarge them for use as a display with associated feelings/emotions vocabulary.

Mood Scales

Place a brick on, or point to, how you are feeling right now.

Building Emotions Grid

A building prompt for both positive and negative emotions.

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Download Emojis

Download Mood Scales

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Download Building emotions grid