At Bricks2Learn we only use genuine LEGO® bricks with which to play, build and learn.

The LEGO Education range has an excellent reputation for promoting the highest quality educational products and these timeless plastic blocks are the perfect blend of education and entertainment, if used correctly under the guidance of a skilled and motivated teacher.

The majority of LEGO sets are designed to allow children to work in pairs or in small teams on brick-based projects.

Children will collaborate and improvise through the construction phase and have opportunities to reflect upon and evaluate their findings.

With Bricks2Learn assisting the process by means of advice, support and training, your students can:

  • Build simple machines such as gears, levers and pulleys and illustrate basic scientific principles, turning theory into practice.
  • Boost their skills and knowledge in STEM subjects.
  • Build and program simple LEGO models in a hands-on, experimental environment.
  • Be inspired to communicate effectively through discussion and encouraged to write in different styles, for different audiences.
  • Design and build robots, then program them to meet certain criteria.
  • Think imaginatively and solve specific problems.
  • Enhance their skills of team-work and verbal communication.
  • Learn, create, explore and have fun!