Pupil Premium

At Bricks2Learn a large proportion of our work in schools is funded by Pupil Premium budgets. Schools are best placed to access the additional provision their pupils need and we work closely with staff to provide exciting interventions and additional cross-curricular support using LEGO® bricks.

By teaching with a resource that is familiar, easy to use and strongly connected to play, we aim to rapidly eliminate barriers to learning and progress. LEGO motivates and inspires children and is an excellent tool for narrowing the gapbetween pupil groups through creativity, so that each child can be successful and demonstrate improvement.

We encourage increasing independence and self-discipline and work hard to develop positive attitudes to academic work and behaviour through one-to-one and small group tuition.

“I hired Alyson Thomsen with our PP funding to focus on the development of communication and language in KS2. Our data showed that our PP group had poor literacy skills and so we used the expertise of Bricks2Learn as a vehicle to raise standards. The senior management team tracking pupil data were extremely pleased with the quality of writing that came about as a result of this intervention, which was validated by OFSTED, and the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Alyson was very warm, adaptable and easy to work with and so we booked her again to work in KS1 and at our on-site nursery to inspire speaking and listening. She has many diverse resources for different age-groups and outcomes and lots of teaching ideas and solutions…….. I would heartily recommend her.”

Ruth Laing, School Improvement Consultant

“…Aly brought technical expertise on building and programming which we could not provide in-house. The stimulus she created really engaged the children and my teaching staff benefitted from her ability to pitch her Lego teaching to any unit of work or genre that we were focussing on…” Ruth Murad, Head Teacher, Montgomery Primary

“What a ROARING success! Mrs Thomsen is spending each Tuesday afternoon with a group of Year 5 children to programme a Lego lion to respond to different stimuli. The children have taken great PRIDE in their computer programmes as they make the lion roar and respond as it is presented with a bone. They have had tremendous fun recording their voices as part of the mini story and playing them back later as the lion sits up in response to the programme written. Mrs Thomsen's skills with Lego programming are greatly appreciated. The MANE benefits of this exercise are apparent in terms of the fun and educational value to the children!” Jon Tibbles, Y5/6 Teacher, Highnam Academy