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I am often asked to recommend LEGO® products for use with the Thera-Build® programme.

Below are a few of my suggested favourite staples for your growing collection.

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Comes in a useful plastic storage container.

Contains two Duplo figures.

Special elements for excellent playability.

Very good value for money.

A substantial hoard of different shapes/sizes/colours.

Includes building instructions.

Lots of scope for imaginative building.

Several double-sided bricks e.g. eyes.

A real-life house build, with recognisable features.

Excellent for exploration and story-telling.

2 adult and 1 child figure included, plus a car.

Lots of 'feature' bricks.

This set is brilliant for children that like wheels.

Superb cards for constructing specific vehicles.

Plenty of interesting elements to combine.

Lots of accessories including a hose and crane.

A cheap way of adding animals to a collection.

Lots of building potential around animals.

Several special accessories included.

A beneficial supplement.

An essential when playing with Duplo.

Necessary as a strong foundation for building.

It's a large plate, so has plenty of construction room.

Flexible, sturdy and washable.

A good all-round box of elements in a storage box.

33 different coloured bricks.

Includes wheels, doors, windows, eyes.

Contains a brick separator and small plates.

A 1500 piece classic starter set.

Bricks of various shapes, wheels, windows and eyes.

Lots of small elements for adding detail.

Many different creative ideas for all levels of builder.

This is excellent value for money.

Ideal, as all 3 models can be built simultaneously.

Varied themes offering lots of opportunity for play.

Fairly quick and simple to build, with instructions.

A 25cm squared blue baseplate.

Perfect for building a swimming pool or an ocean!

Ideal for building, playing and displaying.

A 25cm squared green baseplate.

Perfect for building a garden, park, or farm.

Ideal for building, playing and displaying.

A 38cm squared grey baseplate.

Perfect for building a city, castle or space-station!

Ideal for building, playing and displaying.

A really useful supplement for building houses etc.

Contains a variety of windows, doors and shutters.

Mix and match different coloured frames and doors.

Contains a variety of windows and doors.

Includes a mix of different coloured and shaped bricks.

Has roof bricks, wheels and eyes too.

Provides a variety of wheels.

Includes a mix of bricks and building instructions.

Create a wheelchair, chariot, car or motorbike!

A great value way of purchasing Minifigures (X14)

Features elders, adults, children and a baby!

Contains other exciting elements to extend play.

Offers a selection of colourful bricks and shapes.

Includes an assortment of eyes with different sizes.

Brings personality/emotion/characterisation to models.

An accessible, informative and playful approach.

Uses LEGO bricks to promote well-being.

No special sets are required to implement Thera-Build.