Thera-Build® with LEGO®

A playful, therapeutic approach for improving children’s emotional well-being.

How Does Thera-Build® Differ From LEGO®-Based Therapy?

Thera-Build® focuses on working therapeutically with all children, and is particularly helpful for young people with internalising conditions such as anxiety or attachment disorder. Through purposeful play with LEGO® bricks, Thera-Build® aims to reduce stress, boost confidence and self-esteem, and support children to self-regulate, by providing individualised high-quality relational building experiences, that help children to communicate difficult emotions and to positively connect with others.

LEGO®-Based Therapy focuses on building social competence for children with autism and related conditions, in which children work together to build models, assuming the specific roles of Engineer, Builder and Supplier. It has also been adapted for use with the LEGO® "Build2Express" set.

Who Would Benefit From Attending Thera-Build® Training?

Training is suitable for school leaders, teachers, SENDCOs, inclusion managers, learning mentors, pastoral staff, teaching assistants, key workers, play therapists, family support workers and other professionals in education and social care.

Who Delivers Thera-Build® Training?

Training is solely delivered by Alyson Thomsen, author of Thera-Build® with LEGO® and lead Thera-Build® practitioner.

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A former Senior Teacher in Gloucestershire, Aly moved from the UK to Denmark, then on to the USA with her family, when her husband began working for LEGO® Systems. Having no previous experience of building with LEGO®, Aly was suddenly immersed in a world of plastic bricks and her creativity and imagination were further piqued by the endless opportunities of brick-filled play when she trained as a LEGO® Education Certified Trainer.

Upon arrival back in the UK, Aly was so enthusiastic about developing a creative curriculum based around LEGO® that she decided to set up her own educational consultancy “Bricks2Learn” and began to take her creative construction ideas into schools. Noticing that she was working with an increasing number of children that were struggling socially and emotionally within the school setting, Aly began her journey into the therapeutic world; consequently Thera-Build® was conceived.

Aly continues to work with families, schools, charities and Trusts to provide quality commissioned projects for children, offers 1:1 and small group Thera-Build® interventions and also provides training for parents, carers and professionals.

What Will I Learn On Thera-Build® Training? What Do Delegates Say About Thera-Build® Training?

  • The value of LEGO® as a therapeutic tool.

  • The fundamentals of Thera-Build® and its therapeutic aims.

  • The theory behind the methodology.

  • How to resource and organise a Thera-Build® intervention.

  • LEGO® building tips, technical vocabulary and advice.

  • The importance of purposeful play.

  • Helpful strategies for creating a secure therapeutic relationship.

  • Practical activities to help children learn to co and self-regulate.

  • Lots of ideas for LEGO® building experiences!

How Much Does Thera-Build® Training Cost?

Commissioned Training:

For schools/cluster groups/organisations wanting training at their preferred venue. (A maximum of 16 delegates)

From £795 per day.
An additional charge for travel/subsistence may be charged, depending upon location.

This does not include any bricks or books. Please contact the office for a quote if you would like these included in your training package.

For further information, or for upcoming training dates, please contact the office:

Click here to book Tel: 07542 785 752 Email: